If I can be dripping with sweat and still smiling, then I know it’s been an amazing workout. Wyld lets me move my body with freedom and joy. Life is always better when I make the time connect with myself and others, and doing this while dancing makes it even better.
— Katie S

After decades of feeling like I don’t belong, my body is no longer a point of shame for me. I have gained a healthier view of myself that has motivated me to be more reflective and dig even deeper. Wyld has been a life-changing journey.
— Lisa M

This soul of mine is timid at times and worried about what others are thinking. Through Wyld, I’ve connected with parts of my soul I was unaware were even there. I have this constant desire to be better. I am a work in progress.
— Olivia R

I do not enjoy exercise, but Wyld is magical, joyful, my favorite two hours of the week. The joy I feel is palpable. I feel strong. I feel beautiful. I feel like I am a dance goddess.
— Laurie W

I have never felt confident within myself. That is actually really difficult to say. But as I attended, I slowly felt something within me changing. Seeing others around me grow has inspired me to want the same. I have grown! I feel free.
— Teri B

I literally schedule my work appointments around class as much as possible. Wyld is a unique challenge in a non-judgemental community that makes me feel like I am excelling. Did I mention it is addictive?
— The Dino W

Wyld has changed my life. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true. I am happier, healthier, more patient, more energetic, and a better momma all around. Dance is rejuvenating. Music is healing. I forget about the worries of the world, shake off my doubts, and build more clarity and confidence in my life’s purpose. I leave feeling like I can conquer the world!
— Julie N

Wyld has helped me overcome my fears. It gives me a place to breathe, connect with myself and others, feel that I am not alone, and enjoy a bit of sunshine and happiness in the midst of a very tiring storm. Wyld brings overwhelming joy to my heart.
— Sandy B

I have a new spark in my soul. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Wyld has improved me emotionally and mentally, which makes me better physically. I have found a new love for my body.
— Karri A

Wyld has helped me heal from my battle with breast cancer. Knowing life can be taken away in a single breath, I keep breathing to live, I keep living to dance.
— Mia V

Wyld was a leap out of my comfort zone. It took a little time and patience, but the physical and mental challenge kept me coming back. Wyld allows me to feel completely present. For the first time, I appreciate where I am and accept my flaws and imperfections with grace.
— Jordan S

Wyld is about sharing and supporting each other as we put ourselves out there, try new things, and are vulnerable. We have trust that everyone is there for the right reasons and will contribute freely to the success of all.
— Lisa M

I kept thinking that everyone must be staring at me and thinking, ‘What’s wrong with her?’ But something strange happened—I felt good after the class. I can’t explain it. One class led to three that led to a year of pushing myself.
— Tiffany P

I showed up in long knit pants and a button-up shirt that covered the parts of my body I didn’t like. I wallowed in body shaming for decades. I wanted freedom. With encouragement, one day I dared to wear capri tights and a tank top. This may seem small, but I now live in the magical space of acceptance, love, and expression.
— Jan N

I have been built up physically and spiritually. I have the power to dance like no one is watching. I love coming to class with friends and letting loose. It feels great to be together and to just have fun with one another!
— Megan G

It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in taking care of the people we love, but Wyld reminds me that I’m still in here: a woman who often feels beaten down for trying to fight for change, a woman who needs a space for her free spirit to fly without judgement or restraint.
— Lesa B

Through dance, I am learning how to let go and give my body freedom to move, which in turn has taught my brain how to be flexible in the way I think. Wyld is an inspired program that has brought me joy.
— Cassidy C
Playing collegiate sports is where I learned to push my mind and my muscle. Wyld pushes my mind, body, and athleticism to work together in a different kind of movement. It has given me the experience and expression to feel joy through dancing. I walk away having a successfully sweaty experience with a feeling of accomplishment and comfort.
— Mikki B

Life can be calm one minute and then, in an instant, change dramatically. I had my own change that put me in a spiral of hurting. It would’ve been much easier to numb myself, but Wyld gave me the strength to work through the pain. It helped me avoid dependency by giving me a creative outlet I looked forward to. I overcame fear and channeled all of it into building myself. Honestly, it saved my life.
— Jilliane L

The energy and light I felt after my first class was unlike anything else. I had found a place to be free, to feel, express, and connect with myself. After my second baby, I struggled with postpartum depression. I attribute a big part of my recovery to finding my Wyld. I am grateful to have found something so special in my life.
— Brooke C

Wyld has taught me to let go of my fear. My journey looks like the popular chart of progression. Messy and never linear. I get the opportunity every class to make mistakes and keep moving. There is no such thing as perfect. Embrace it. Feel it. Let it go. Keep going. In the great wisdom of Amy Poehler “If you can dance, be free, and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world.
— Mailee O