What is Wyld?

It is more like a fill-in-the-blank. A description is nearly impossible. Believe me, I have tried for nearly a decade to define Wyld. The truth—Wyld is an experience. Am I trying to avoid the question? Not at all. I cannot define your experience. If you are needing to connect with your beautiful bod, Wyld. If you want a salty sweat fest with some sizzle, Wyld. If your mind thirsts for a challenge, Wyld. If you are searching for expression and vulnerability, Wyld. If you want to surround yourself with super humans who want to contribute, Wyld. The evolution is where purpose and beauty are found. What is Wyld? This isn’t a shady pick-up line: Wyld is whatever you need it to be.

Wyld is unique because it is the only class I have attended where it feels the size of your soul is most important, not the size of your body.
— Lisa M