New Year NOT New You

New Year’s Resolutions. It’s humorous to think that coming off the most sugar-induced, consumer-indulgent holiday could somehow propel (or shame) you into a “new you.” I like you.

I like me. I am not sure I need a “new” anything. What I am striving for is personal growth through awareness. I don’t think that will be a catchy T-shirt slogan anytime soon, and that’s okay. It’s work. Nitty gritty. Understanding. Accepting. Forgiving. Loving. Listening. Quieting.

This list somehow doesn’t make me feel pressure or apprehension. It’s quite the opposite. I feel like exhaling, smiling, thinking, laughing, and certainly loving.

Just this week a friend said to me, “This will be the year of ME!” She proclaimed that she was going to work through some emotional, relationship, and personal struggles that she has been avoiding for years. I was blown away as she boldly expressed her desire to grow.

What will you proclaim for 2019? Where will growth provide healing in your life?

Susannah Conway has a strikingly simple approach to welcome the new year: one word. Call it a mantra, mission, prayer, desire, or whatever you want. This next year has growth with your name all over it. You owe it to yourself to take the wheel and find your purpose through experience.

When you were young and you found a stray, your mom probably said, “Don’t name it.” When you name it, you own it, you feed it, you care for it, you accept it, you love it. My stray’s name is LISTEN. What’s yours?

Lindsi Stevens
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These little gems are our feature presentation for the breakout session on September 27th!  If you have any questions remember I am "Happy to Help". I double dog dare you not to tap those toes!

Lindsi Stevens
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